Best Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners in 2024

Becoming a Virtual Assistant might be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a career that doesn’t feel like work.

There are many different virtual assistant jobs available to beginners, and they all have their own unique benefits. For example, some people prefer working from home while others enjoy traveling worldwide as part of their job.

You can choose the virtual assistant job that best suits your lifestyle and interests. Whether you want to work in an office or at home, there is something for everyone! And if you don’t know where to start, this article will help guide you through it all.

I hope this information helps make your decision easier!

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants will perform various jobs and depend heavily on the business or companies they are associated with. This involves planning or posting content for the social media profiles of a business or company.

If you want to complete clerical and secretarial tasks, you can now do them online as a virtual assistant. Small business owners, especially sole traders, must always be helped with analyzing income, claims, and expenses.

Accounting and tax services are also ideal virtual assistant niches you should look into If you are looking for an online virtual assistant for beginners. See tips about becoming a virtual bookkeeper.

Who uses virtual assistants?

Small businesses – entrepreneurs, soloprenommers – busy executives, and bloggers – utilize virtual assistants. When there are too many hours to do everything, it is natural to outsource jobs to your VA. It also gives customers more time to focus on the other projects and tasks they can complete.

The VA’s salary is cheaper than hiring employees at their local government offices. This saves clients money on things like office supplies, health insurance, and other benefits programs. What is your startup plan for a Virtual Assistant? Get the best VA job available to anyone.

What skills do I need to become a virtual assistant?

Demand for virtual assistants grows across the world. How would they like you to become a professional virtual assistant? Having acquired the necessary skills, you’d be well-suited for starting your virtual assistant career.

These are basic skills that you should have to make an immediate impact on an upcoming virtual assistant. The right attitude and time management skills are the keys to you successfully gaining a virtual assistant job. The possibilities are quite amazing. The use of virtual assistants for beginner job opportunities is unstoppable.

Where can I find virtual assistant jobs for beginners: Top 14 websites

We also have a guide on how to become a virtual assistant and earn money from home. Let me ask you where the virtual assistants are hiring. This is how to get a job as your virtual assistant.

1. Flex Jobs

Virtual Assistant Jobs 2

The first place I’d recommend looking is FlexJobs. This directory features thousands of pre-screened and legitimate work-at-home jobs, providing you with a safe and easy way to find virtual assistant jobs for women, men, and/or college students!

The main disadvantage of the platform is the registration fee, which is quite costly. However, FlexJobs has an impressive list of quality virtual assistant jobs for beginners and other work-at-home opportunities that may be just what you need to kickstart your new career as a virtual assistant!

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place for beginners who want to become virtual assistants because it offers simple work you can do from home. You can offer various services, including graphic design, writing/editing, and marketing.

Not only that, but your earnings here are pretty high! There are currently hundreds of virtual assistants who make $1000 or more per month on Fiverr, and the list continues to grow.

3. Upwork


Upwork is another great place to start for virtual assistant jobs. You can search through hundreds of job postings across numerous industries and even offer your own services as a freelancer.

This website offers several helpful tools for beginners, including an hourly wage calculator, where you can enter information about how much work you expect to do per hour and get a price range of how much you should charge for such services.

4. Remote. co

Remote. Co is another great resource for beginners looking to work from home as virtual assistants! The website covers all the basics, including how to get started, finding your first job, and marketing yourself as a VA.

As their beginner’s guide explains, this site is so great because they accept both newbie and veteran virtual assistants, so you don’t have to worry about feeling like an imposter.

5. Time ETC

Time ETC

A great website for beginners is Time Etc, where you can find various job postings from businesses across the world.

One thing that makes this site unique is that it covers all types of virtual assistant jobs, including those that require a bachelor’s degree and those that don’t.

So if you’re new to being a virtual assistant and don’t have a ton of experience under your belt, this site will give you the chance to find work and get paid!

6. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another great place to start. In their “Work at Home” section, you can browse virtual assistant jobs and see what other assistants earn in various positions.

This will help you determine if the salary range is adequate for your skills or if you need to beef up on some new ones!

Also, many companies use this site, so you’ll likely come across some great opportunities. Be sure to keep an eye out for companies hiring virtual assistants too!


A great place to start for virtual assistant jobs is, a website dedicated to people who want to work from home and help others with their business needs.

The website says, “Virtual Assistants are in high demand today!” So if you’re looking for a new career path that will allow you to get more involved in the business world, this is a great place to start!

8. Indeed

Employers post new jobs on Indeed daily, so you can find great virtual assistant jobs listings here.

I recommend starting by searching through the website to see what’s available, then applying for some of those that interest you most! You can also click the “jobs near me” button to search for local virtual assistant opportunities.

9. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is another great place to search for virtual assistant jobs.

Take some time on this one to review the job board and research each company before sending your resume. It will help you determine if the price range is right for you or not!

As with other work-at-home websites, entry-level virtual assistant jobs positions and more advanced ones may require some experience.

10. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a website that allows you to sign up for free and hire virtual assistants when you need help. We are always looking for more VA to join our team, so take advantage of this offer!

The good news is that the site says they’re currently hiring, so if you’re looking for work as a virtual assistant, this is a great place to start. Be sure to apply right away!

11. Paragon Planners

If you’re interested in working for Paragon Planners, the company has a great review system where you can see all types of feedback from past virtual assistants who have worked with them.

This is an important resource when applying to jobs requiring previous experience in this type of position. As the website says, “Knowing what to expect is the best way to get a good idea of whether or not you’ll enjoy a position.”

So if you’re looking for your first virtual assistant jobs, make sure to consider only those with positive reviews!

12. Assistant Match

Assistant Match is a job website that has many different types of virtual assistant jobs on its site.

It’s safe to say that the company isn’t just for beginners, as you can find work at various levels here. So if you have some experience as a virtual assistant but are looking for more options, check out this website!

13. Worldwide 101

Worldwide 101 is another great site to check out if you’re looking for virtual assistant jobs. The website has a lot of information about the industry and how it functions, which can help you develop your own rates as you start working here.

The best part about this website is that they list their clients’ hourly rates, so if you’re looking to work for someone specific, be sure to look at your options here.

Contemporary Virtual Assistance

Contemporary Virtual Assistance is a website that looks for virtual assistants to work with people from various industries. If you have varied skills, this might be a great place to look!

14. 99 Dollars Social

99 Dollars Social is another great site for virtual assistant jobs. The website says that it’s not just about getting hired but also about building a community where everyone can share their work experience with others.


Virtual assistant jobs for Beginners, all you need is a resume for the specific job. Having the right resources when it comes to finding jobs will help you succeed in this industry.

Make sure to check out these websites if you’re just starting! Take advantage of the free offers and research a company before you apply to see if it’s a good fit.

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